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Companies Seeking Finance

Our refreshingly uncomplicated approach to SME funding


What we do

Not all companies are destined to be the next Google, eBay, or Twitter.....

At Chelverton, we recognise the traditional values of a sound business proposition, a track record of consistent performance and an ambition for long-term growth.

If your business can demonstrate these characteristics, and you require investment, we are here to help you:

  • Acquire the business you run.
  • Raise capital to fund your growth ambitions.
  • Realise value from your business.
  • Sell your company, if it’s time to move on.

At Chelverton, we support UK SMEs and their management teams to achieve these goals; investing equity capital up to £5m across a range of business sectors.


What we look for

Biggest is not always best…..

At Chelverton we recognise that there are a multitude of institutional investment alternatives, both for innovative technology companies requiring early stage funding and larger businesses valued at up to £10m.  We look to help fill the funding void that exists for the many companies operating between these levels.

Our investors are committed to supporting good quality UK based SMEs that exhibit many, if not all, of the following characteristics:

  • Well established.
  • Proven business model.
  • Consistent history of profit and cash generation.
  • Defensible market position.
  • Experienced and committed management team.
  • Sound growth prospects.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to help if your business is early stage, based around leading edge technological development, or in property.


Why choose us?

Getting a ‘good deal’ at the outset is only the start of the journey with your new Investor partner.....

You will find the team at Chelverton to be straight talking and easy to deal with and we respect similar traits in the management teams we work with.

We look to be treated as business partners:

  • We expect to be involved in the big, strategic decisions, but will not interfere in the day-to-day running of your business.
  • We are highly experienced investors, with decades of experience and many tens of transactions under our belt. We have lived through the many ups and downs of business and will be supportive through periods of change.
  • We do not have a fixed life fund, which drives us to seek to realise our stake in the company at a particular time. We seek to understand the longer term aspirations of our management teams and structure a deal which aligns our interests and time horizons with yours.
  • We are a small business just like you.  We don’t have endless committees or voluminous due diligence requirements.  We need to understand your business and what makes you tick, but our decision-making is clear and prompt.  You will find us open and fair.

Our Case Studies will hopefully serve to add some colour to what this all means in practice.


Who we are

Ultimately, it all comes down to people….

Our Corporate Funding team is hugely experienced, with an extensive transactional pedigree, and many years of working with smaller companies; helping business owners to grow their companies, achieve their goals and to realise many millions of pounds of value for investors and management teams alike in the process.

Meet our Corporate Funding team