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At the General Meeting held on 24 August 2012 resolutions approving: (i) the proposed issue of Zero Dividend Preference (ZDP) Shares by Small Companies ZDP PLC, a new wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, (ii) an amendment to the Company’s investment policy to confirm there is no set limit on the Company’s gearing; and (iii) changes to the Company’s Articles of Association to change the dates of future continuation votes were duly passed. Following the passing of the proposed issue of ZDP shares 8,500,000 were admitted to standard listing and dealings on 28 August 2012. At 31 July 2012 the Company had borrowing facilities with Lloyds TSB plc represented by a £4 million fixed loan and a £2 million overdraft facility with HSBC Bank plc. At 31 July 2012 £4 million of the borrowing facility with Lloyds TSB plc and £0.94 million of the overdraft facility with HSBC Bank plc was being utilised. The swap expired on 10 July 2012. The proceeds from the ZDP shares placing has been used to repay the borrowing facilities. Funds Flash Note by Fairfax Stock Brokers (August 2012) Funds Flash Note by Fairfax Stock Brokers (March 2012)