Our Funds

We invest in companies which we believe will add long-term value to our portfolios.

UK Domiciled funds

Type of fundOEIC
Total assets£293m (30/04/2024)

This top performing fund invests in predominantly mid-cap companies with an aim to deliver a high and growing quarterly dividend and the prospect of good long-term capital growth.

Type of fundOEIC
Total assets£638m (30/04/2024)

A UK small and mid-cap fund aiming to invest in highly cash generative companies with strong market positions that are expected to grow faster than UK GDP.  

Type of fundOEIC
Total assets£197m (30/04/2024)

A Europe ex UK equity fund investing solely in the equity securities of companies listed in Europe, but outside of the UK, across the size spectrum down to a minimum market capitalisation of €50m.

Irish Domiciled funds

Type of fundUCITS
Total assets$11m (30/04/2024)

The fund invests in companies within the consumer staples industry concentrating on brands that have the scope to compound high returns over the mid to longer term.

Investment Trusts

Type of fundInvestment Trust
Total assets£52m (30/04/2024)

An income-focused fund invests principally in mid and small-cap companies and aims to deliver a high and growing quarterly dividend alongside good long-term capital growth. 

Type of fundInvestment Trust
Total assets£7m (30/04/2024)

A small registered, self-managed Alternative Investment Fund that invests in cash-generative quoted UK Small and Mid-Cap Companies.