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MI Chelverton UK Equity Income Fund

MI Chelverton UK Equity Income Fund

This top performing OEIC invests in predominantly mid-cap companies and produces a yield of 4%. Having consistently beaten its rivals in the IA UK equity income sector, this multiple award-winning fund aims to deliver a high and growing quarterly dividend, and the prospect of good long-term capital growth. The fund is managed by our Managing Director, David Horner and acclaimed Fund Manager, David Taylor, for which they are both consistently rated as Citywire A Fund Managers.

Our Approach

We specialise in the mid and small-cap income areas of the UK market because we believe that these parts of the market are overlooked by both brokers and fellow small and mid-cap managers.  Fund managers tend to seek growth above income and brokers have little financial incentive to provide research into the ‘dull but worthy’ companies that we like. Our performance record proves that the application of a rigorous investment discipline, combined with patience and a long term outlook, can produce outstanding returns for investors.  This fund is designed to deliver a high initial yield and we look for investments that are capable of increasing those returns over future years. Since we are investing for income, the key is to find companies that generate cash on a sensible and sustainable basis, which is then used to grow the business and to reward shareholders.  We look for management teams to strike an appropriate balance between current and future income. This is an open ended fund that has grown strongly over the past few years and, therefore, the size of the companies in which we invest has increased as well; the average market cap of our holdings is firmly in mid-cap territory.

Our Investment Process

We will only invest in a company for the first time if it yields at least 4% on a twelve month view.  This is a cast iron rule to which there are no exceptions.  We screen all small and mid-caps above £50m market cap on a regular basis to identify these companies. It is important to note that just because a company has a high yield does not necessarily mean it may be worth investing in. We are careful to avoid these value traps through rigorous due diligence. Balance sheets are tested to ensure that there is not too much debt and that the working capital requirements are not too onerous.  Sales growth and margins are examined, leading to a measure of likely dividend growth.  It is important to us to build a portfolio that will grow its underlying dividend from one year to the next.  Beyond that, we keep in close touch with the management teams of the companies in which we invest; we are looking for sensible, pragmatic people, who understand the importance of dividends and dividend growth to investors. Providing that a company can meet these requirements, we invest at a yield of at least 4% and we can add to it until the yield falls to 3%, following share price appreciation.  Once it gets to 2%, it will be sold, but often we will have divested before that point, replenishing the portfolio with another high yielder.  

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